Connor Jones

Dec 21, 2021 | Stories

COFF33 would like to proudly introduce you to our store manager, Connor Jones. Over the last thirty days, this experienced barista has been working behind the scenes to make sure that the newest coffee shop in Castle Rock is more than coffee, but an experience. The last three years, Connor has worked at another local coffee shop, Lost Coffee.. Anyone who had the pleasure of encountering Connor at his previous shop knows of his passion for coffee. “I love being in an environment where craft, art and precision all come together to create something beautiful,” says Connor. Between minding all the small details Connor is busy assembling a team at C33 that shares his vision and will deliver a one-of-a kind experience to the town of Castle Rock. “C33 is unique because we will be focusing on sharing our stories – how we came to be who we are. What better place to do so than at a coffee shop over a cappuccino!”


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