Alex – Cottonwood Heights, UT – Coffee & Cocoa

Sep 1, 2021 | Stories

Alex works at Coffee & Cocoa in Cottonwood Heights Utah – right at the base of the Wasatch mountains, Big Cottonwood Canyon entrance. 

She started working in coffee at a chain while going to HS at the age of 18 and didn’t really like it. In fact, the fast pace of a coffee shop is a love/hate relationship for her. She moved to Portland with her aunt to get a different vibe from the Salt Lake valley – and started working at some local coffee shops there for a couple of years. She moved back to Salt Lake a while ago and has been working here at this single-location, locally-owned coffee shop for 7 months. 

Her worst day was when she was fired from a coffee shop in Portland because she couldn’t keep up with the pace. She got back in the saddle and went to work at another shop. The daily grind is still a challenge for her, but she sticks with it for her personal self-improvement. The challenge is something she works to overcome on a daily basis. 

She loves making drinks, it is her favorite part of the job. “It’s like I’m making my own little potions.” 

I asked her if she had a little witch in her, she said “maybe” with a smile. 

Her favorite customer is a guy named Rick that comes here every day and orders three drinks. He likes to chat a bit, and he’s genuine. In fact, that genuine aspect of people is one of the draws of the coffee shop atmosphere. The owner of C&C is a great guy that cares about his employees. The team she works with is like family. 


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